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Rabbi Scott's blog "God is the ultimate Non-Fungible Token" or "Dear Texas Reps..."

Unfortunately, as a "species," we are too often unwilling to allow for the possibility that our own understanding, or that of our social cohorts, our communities, our tribes, is too limited in breadth and depth to encompass all possible and peaceful forms of human expression.  As human beings, even with our knowledge of human history, we remain too committed to our tribes’ notions of identity, that it is to the detriment of the self-expression of others.  Too often, we act like its a threat to our own well-being.  Too often, especially with the grip of power in hand, we stand like Pharaoh, shocked by how others seek to live their truth and devise stories that don't diminish these others, but actually "aggrandize" them with mythical power that therefore must be halted. To wit, in the face of truly pressing needs, our Texas state representatives busy themselves with legislation that would deny trans-children access to health, safety and well-being, and would criminalize their parents for pursuing it, (see Senate Bills 1311 and 1646 and House Bills 1399 and 1424). Why is it that these Texas legislators perceive themselves as Pharaoh and not as Moses?  Is access to human identity so scarce that when one exercises their own divine right to express on the outside what they know to be true on the inside, that it is necessarily a threat to you? 

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Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781