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"The Hope" Music and Lyrics by Rick Recht

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Rabbi Scott's Spiritual Vaccine #6 Little Kids

Please do not read this aloud or listen to the recording if your young kids are in earshot.  Love, Rabbi Scott

The world is a scary place.  I can only imagine what it might feel like to tell your child that the park and other kids and the playground aren’t safe.  Not because of what mean kids or adults might do, or the broken bone you could get from falling or hitting your head, but because of the invisible monsters that can attack when you least expect. But oh by the way, don’t worry, its almost for sure that you won’t get sick.  But you could make your mom and dad or grandma and grandpa sick.  A child’s mind is the habitat of the invisible and their imaginations are the grandest pallets ever invented.  So be careful what you say and what you listen to or watch when they’re around.  They’re only ever just a few frames shy of completing a comic strip in which they can become anything they imagine.

“Little Kids”



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Sat, March 28 2020 3 Nisan 5780