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Your Donation to Shma Koleinu is Important

We rely solely on voluntary contributions
No Membership Required

Shma Koleinu is the only non-Orthodox US congregation with a full-time Rabbi that operates on 100% voluntary contributions.

Make a one-time donation by direct checking account debit.

Make recurring monthly donations by direct checking account debit.

Make one-time via debit or credit card.

Make recurring monthly donation via debit or credit card, choose monthly and indefinitely in the optional fields. If you have any issues or questions, please contact Tiffany Halfon at or 713-960-1800.

Mail your one-time donation or monthly contributions. 

We at Shma Koleinu believe wholeheartedly that there ought to be no barriers to accessing a meaningful, spirited Jewish life, a key component of which is a Jewish community that celebrates and mourns together, learns and works together, dreams and imagines together.

Does Shma Koleinu cost money?

Of course, few if any worthwhile projects are free in this world. But there are lots of causes that we support, giving the money for which is entirely our decision.

From its very inception in December of 2013, Shma Koleinu has been the recipient of gifts that are, as the Torah teaches, asher lidveinu libo, “from those whose hearts have been so moved.”

So yes, we do plenty of fundraising and we invite everyone who engages with Shma Koleinu to look into their heart and decide what of their time, talent and treasure they are motivated to contribute to make the project, the movement, of Shma Koleinu happen.

While we are not affiliated with an American Jewish movement, we believe that we are a part of a greater movement – that is, “the movement of the heart.”

Shma Koleinu is made possible by the generosity of its supporters.  To give you a "ballpark figure" when deciding the amount you wish to contribute, please consider the following. Our long-term goal is to be supported by 250 households contributing AN AVERAGE of $200/mo.  Many households contribute less, some contribute more and this information is completely confidential.  Our greatest interest is to be a community generated by a shared understanding of Tzedakah, that all of us who use, participate with, find our spiritual selves in and work to help grow, are willing to contribute their time, talent and treasure to make Shma Koleinu a consistent reality in our community.

Make your Donation More Meaningful

Honor someone else 

Instructions: On the donation form, select "Dedicate", then select the dedication type. Enter your message in the Payment Notes. 

A wonderful way to financially support Shma Koleinu is through donations made in honor of or in memory of special people in your life. For every donation you make to Shma Koleinu in the name of someone you care for, a hand-written acknowledgment will be sent by Shma Koleinu to the one being honored or thought of, or to the close family member of the one being remembered by you.  

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