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Calendar and Themes:

 10/3/2021   Hachnassat Orchim - Hospitality
10/10/2021   Halomed Mikol Adam - Learning from Everyone
10/17/2021   Tzedakah
10/24/2021   Hodaah - Gratitude
10/31/2021   Kehillah - Community
11/7/2021   Inclusivity
11/14/2021   Simchah - Contentment
11/21/2021   Chavurah - Friendship
12/5/2021   Tzedek - Justice
12/12/2021   Chofshi - Freedom

Last Week's Lesson:

Journey Values Theme 2 – Learning from Everyone

הָלוֹמֶד מִכָּל אָדַם - Halomed Mikol Adam

Hello there, this past week, your child made Lego-people and/or Sand-Jar People. The purpose of these projects was to “bring home” today’s Jewish Value Theme of Halomed Mikol Adam, our ability and requirement to learn from everyone else. So please ask your children about out theme and about their projects. They should have lots to teach you!

What is Halomed mikol Adam (Learn From Everyone)?

  • As Jews, we always speak of the importance of Torah study…of reading and rereading the stories of the Torah, seeking to discover and reinforce key life lessons. But it is also important to understand that as people, we can learn from every other person as well! We have all heard the adage, “Love your fellow person as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). While many of us may interpret this teaching as a way of explaining that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated, it also prompts us to realize that each of us can be both student and teacher, and valuing the ideas presented from many perspectives is one way to show our “fellow persons” love.
  • Halomed mikol adam teaches us such an important reminder: even the minority opinion is important. The rabbis of the Talmud argue that in making any decisions, all opinions and precedents must be presented before the court to ensure all sides are accounted for. One of the greatest signs of an individual who understands the concept of kavod, respect, is when they give the same respect to others as they would want for themselves.

How can Halomed mikol adam play a role in our lives today?

  • Just as we would want our opinions, perspectives, and experiences to be considered important and valid, so too we are responsible for affirming and listening to other’s opinions, perspectives, and experiences. This value demands that we show empathy for others and charges us to identify with others feelings. Here are some great ways to bring this Jewish value into your life:
    • Listen to others around you. Even if you think your opinion is right, take time to consider what your friends or siblings say, regardless of their age!
    • Try to learn the things that are important to your friends, you may even learn a new skill or fact!
    • Be adventurous! Try new foods and learn about other cultures.
    • Be open.  Your way isn’t the only way. 
    • It is better to be kind that it is to right. 
Mon, January 17 2022 15 Shevat 5782