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Voting Participation

Shma Koleinu is a not a membership organization. We do not require the payment of dues in order to access Shma Koleinu's programming or offerings. We are a synagogue without walls, literally as well as figuratively. If you are Jewish, a member of a Jewish family or a lover of Jews and Judaism, we welcome you.

With that understood, we have established a means by which you can publicly commit yourself to Shma Koleinu and the values that drive our mission.

By signing this voting participant application, you express your alignment with our mission and you will then have the right to participate and vote in all Shma Koleinu congregational meetings 

Voting Participant Statement

"Shma Koleinu exists to create a relevant and authentic Jewish community that celebrates diversity, seeks meaningful spirituality, and is committed to repairing the world through the active pursuit of social justice,"

Congregation Shma Koleinu is built upon the understanding that everyone who wishes to be a "member" of CSK is already a member. "Join us. You already belong." All Jews, Jewish families and those who love them including anyone interested In connecting with, learning from or experiencing Jewish tradition is invited to participate in our congregation's programming and calendar.

With this document, I hereby affirm my intention to serve CSK as a "Voting Participant." In so doing, I affirm my support for CSK as well as intend to commit myself to Its vision and guiding principles. By signing below, I choose to become a "Voting Participant," which provides me the opportunity to exercise my vote, in the course of regular and special meetings of the congregation in which a vote is required according to the By-laws.

As CSK's mission makes clear, we are a community that is open to all, regardless of ability to serve the congregation. CSK exists to serve every one of us and its financial, organizational, human resources and spiritual infra structures are made possible through the generous support of its supporters in significant donations of time, talent and treasure. Therefore, when and how I am able, I will strive to support CSK and ensure it is continually able to fulfill its mission.

Voting Participant Form


Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784