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Voting Participation

Shma Koleinu is a not a membership organization. We do not require the payment of dues in order to access Shma Koleinu's programming or offerings. We are a synagogue without walls, literally as well as figuratively. If you are Jewish, a member of a Jewish family or a lover of Jews and Judaism, we welcome you.

With that understood, we have established a means by which you can publicly commit yourself to Shma Koleinu and the values that drive our mission.

By signing this voting participant application, you express your alignment with our mission and you will then have access to two Shma Koleinu privileges:

1.    Directory of voting participants
2.    Right to participate and vote in all Shma Koleinu congregational meetings 

To become a voting participant, please fill out the form below. On submission, it will automatically go to

Once your application is accepted by the CSK leadership team, you will have the right to vote on synagogue business and be counted as one of Shma Koleinu’s supporters.

Voting Participant Form


Wed, December 1 2021 27 Kislev 5782