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Today, Sunday, May 16, 3:00  - 5:00 pm

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A communal invitation to share your lived experience while observing the world through someone else's lens



You and your friends in the Houston Jewish Community are invited to attend.


During this time of national reckoning, many of us are seeking safe spaces to have difficult - but crucial- conversations about race.  Professional facilitator, Tracie Jae, founder of the Quiet Rebel, LLC. curates virtual spaces for groups and individuals looking for opportunities to engage with one another.  Members of Houston's Jewish Community and Saint Mark UMC of Wichita, Kansas are invited to participate in 100 Voices - an authentic, grace-filled conversation on race and culture.  This guided conversation is designed to offer a brave and safe space for us to honor our lived experience.

Community agreements, based on the Quiet Rebel's "LOVE first, always" framework, set the tone for the shared experience.  Using Zoom's breakout room technology, we will then work through thoughtfully curated questions in small groups. The questions are designed to give participants an opportunity to consider their own lived experience and actively listen to world views which may differ from their own. We conclude our time together by rejoining the whole group and sharing final thoughts.

While it may come naturally to ask for an anticipated goal or mark of success, we are invited to temporarily suspend expectations and welcome the incremental and organic shifts that no doubt occur when we observe each other's humanity.

Requested contribution is $30 per person, however the ability to contribute will not prohibit access. This donation will go towards compensation for Tracie Jae, the facilitator.

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Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyyar 5784