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A Very Meaning-Filled Purim

02/25/2021 08:30:26 AM


You can still join us tonight to Laugh over our people's ways of coping and Learn about heroes in our community helping so many others do the same in the wake of the recent Texas winter storm crises..

Exactly a year ago (according to the Jewish calendar) was the last time Shma Koleinu officially gathered in person for an event.  Our “Motown Megillah” performance directed and organized by Jerry Peperone and Richard Elbein, and starring our very own CSK-ers in the “backyard” of Axelrad Beer Garden, was for us, just a “typical day at the office.” And by “typical,” I mean, the ability to hang out in public, drink beer, eat pizza, and laugh out loud…together!  I know, it’s been a really tough 354 days since the last time the 14th of Adar rolled around...

And what do we live with today?  The new normal.  Of course, two weeks ago, we thought masking, hand sanitizing and the search for vaccines for our loved ones (and ourselves) was tough.  Add to that, the winter storm emergency/crisis that is still delivering Houstonians lefts, rights and upper-cuts.  Mit in drinnen (Yiddish for “in the middle of it all”), Purim begins tonight!    But this year, it’s about way more than marinating in our Jewish penchant for the journey from external attack to self-pity to gastronomic excess.  This year, one of the four mitzvot** (commandments) of Purim stands out above the rest: matanot l’evyonim – providing gifts to those in need.

Tonight, we will gather via zoom for a great evening.  A Purim variety show of sorts, it will include all the regular elements of a Purim celebration.  But, as the commercial goes, “Come for the frivolity, stay for the meaning.”  For tonight will include invitations to help support four different efforts newly dedicated to supporting Houstonians suffering from the winter storm crisis of last week.  We will briefly hear from Sacha Bodner of the Houston Jewish Federation, Jade Flores of LaUnidad11, Julia Retta, Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Abbie Kamin, and Paula McKenzie, Director of Major Gifts, from the Houston Food Bank.  Weaved and highlighted into our Purim celebration of spiel, parodies, and celebration will be important reminders about why focusing on the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim is so important this year especially. 

If you have not signed up for Purim Bingo, you still can.  While we cannot provide you with a home delivery of a Purim Box, we can email you your Bingo cards to be able to participate in our Bingo games and all the rest of the meaningful fun we are offering.  You can join us via Zoom and we will even be live streaming to YouTube Live and Facebook Live.  Join us! 

**The four mitzvot of Purim are: K’riat Megillah (public recitation of the Megillah – the Book of Esther); mishloach manot (giving gifts to friends); matanot l’evyonim (giving gifts to those in need); and se’udat Mitzvah (eating heartily).

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782