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Passover Plea

03/17/2021 08:37:09 AM


OK, so I’m in the Ozarks. I’m on “vacation” this week with Natalie as she and the Woods Project Team scout out a new site.  So it’s kind of like vacation because I’m not working, at least officially, and she is. But it isn’t bad in the least. I’m in the middle of nature, hiking and camping with lovely weather and Wi-Fi. Who could ask for more?

Well I could, because...Passover is around the corner!  As always, we at Shma Koleinu are working our darndest to make sure that you have the resources you need to make your holiday meaningful and beautiful.  This year we have put together four ways for you to celebrate  but, unfortunately,  you’re just not signing up fast enough to quell my anxiety!  So, as I teach all those who are willing to listen…I need to breathe.  Relax.  And center myself. 


And here’s what you need to do.  Please register right now  for one, more, or all of the following: 

  1. Rabbi Scott’s “First Night of Seder Homemade Gefilte Fish”;
  2. “Liberate My Seder II, ”  the Passover video  featuring La Forza del Dayeinu - a most unique, rarely experienced, Passover mini-opera starring Hannah Madeleine Goodman;
  3. “The All-Star Passover Seder” by Rick Recht and friends for families with young children;
  4. and , the piece de resistance, “Seder Fest,” bringing together via Zoom the CSK and HCRJ communities and “starring” Rabbi Scott, Rabbi Gross and Kelly Dean.   


Click HERE to sign up.


Thank you for joining with me to make this the best (albeit hopefully last) Zoom Passover ever! 


Rabbi Scott

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782