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Our GPS for Your Soul

07/15/2021 08:08:17 AM



Yes, the rumors are true.  Rosh Hashanah is coming to visit just a bit “earlier” this year than we’re used to.  Monday of Labor Day weekend is quite a surprise, but not really. 

See, Rosh Hashanah will actually be right on time – the 1st of Tishrei.  It’s just that the Gregorian calendar makes it appear strange.  

But never fear, for even though Rosh Hashanah is a lot more near, CSK is here!

This is just a head’s up!  A call to attention.  Remember that soul work (not Soul-Cycle) you’ve been meaning to attend to?  Just under 8 weeks and counting, we ponder the questions of the Book of Life and how we set to writing ourselves in. 

CSK will return to the Becker Theatre at the Emery/Weiner School for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Rabbi Laura Sheinkopf and myself (Rabbi Scott), the wonderful and inspiring cantorial soloist, Hannah Madeleine Goodman, our phenomenal band, and the most welcoming and gracious lay people around.  

So please remember, CSK is open to all who seek us out – No membership required.  REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN ON AUGUST 1stst so in the meantime, spread this around to family and friends – whether local, out of state or out of country, CSK’s IN-PERSON High Holy Days will ALSO BE LIVE-STREAMED, broadcast-style.  Join us, you already belong.

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782