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Muslim -Jewish Christmas

11/17/2021 07:38:44 AM


We do indeed live in a Christian-ish society, at least when it comes to the majority’s predilections, as well as the default presumptions of many.  And we Jews all know what it’s like to experience the “jingle” phenomenon--the  intrusive means by which “Rudolph” burrows into our brain such that, as we are mindlessly emptying grocery bags or waiting in the carpool line, that jingle of a tune is, unbeknownst to us, on our lips.  

To my Jewish and Jewish-adjacent brothers and sisters, the spirit of the season may feel overwhelming, but do not despair!  As we are not alone and, if you are looking for one, we have a bit of a remedy.  This is not at all an effort to deny Rudolph their share of the air; it’s just to carve out a little space on Christmas eve for those who do not ascribe to well….Christmas eve. 

This Christmas Eve, please join us for “The Muslim-Jewish Christmas”  2021.  For the past 12 years, our good friend Rabbi Steve Gross of Houson Congregation for Reform Judaism (HCRJ) has helmed the effort; this year, participants will include CSK and several other Jewish and Muslim congregations from throughout Houston. The theme of this year’s Muslim-Jewish Christmas program  is “Sacred Allyship,” a term that encourages people of all faiths to continue to show up for each other in times of need, danger, and vulnerability.  The program will seek to build and bolster the sacred allyships of our communities.   

After a few light bites, we will gather together in small interfaith groups and learn a bit about each other.  We will  then engage in conversations on ways we can show up for each other and how we can commit to sacred allyship going forward.  The program will conclude with an opportunity for Muslim participants to engage in Friday (Jumu’ah) prayer, followed by a  Shabbat service at HCRJ led by Rabbi Gross and myself.  

The event will begin at 5 p.m. on Friday, December 24  at HCRJ, 801 Bering Drive, Houston, 77057. 

If you would like to join us, please email Rabbi Scott and let him know how many to expect.


Rabbi Scott

Tue, May 17 2022 16 Iyyar 5782