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05/12/2022 07:00:20 AM


I am thrilled to announce a gift to CSK of $614,250!  As you know, CSK normally does not offer public attributions in recognition of our supporters’ generosity. In this case, however, I hope you will agree that certain acts of generosity are just too significant to ignore.  $614,250 is just about 150% of our annual budget! $614,250!  Moreover, that isn’t even the top end of the yield of these donors’ investment. I have it on high authority that there is much more to come!

Since December 6, 2013, we have worked with incredible diligence and intention; it is with deep gratitude that we are able to share this amazing  recognition of our success.  Here is the formula that determined the amount of the gift :

(195 x 3) x (4 x 7.5) x 35 = $614,250

Can you figure out how we came up with it? 

 Here is how we came up with the formula: Journey has been in business since January of 2014; since then, there have been 195 Journey sessions.

Over the years, each Journey session has required 3 hours of volunteer time.

Each Journey year, we have been blessed with the equivalent of at least 4 “full-time” Sunday Journey Guides. 

Journey has offered a new take on Jewish religious education for 7½ years.

Finally, according to online sources such as “Glassdoor,” the average hourly wage for supplementary religious school teachers in Houston is $35/hr.

Multiply all of that (don’t forget “Order of Operations”) and arrive at the indisputable conclusion that CSK is the beneficiary of an investment of  7½ years of time and talent worth $614,250, without which Journey simply would not exist!  CSK doesn’t put names on walls or plaques, so a virtual web page is the best we can do. But here are the names of those whose dedication of time and talent to the Jewish educational and spiritual well-being of our Journey children is worth at least $614,250 and, in truth, so very much more: 

As we approach the end of our fiscal year (June 30), please consider making a donation in honor of these folks, whose volunteer spirit gives so much brightness and warmth to CSK. To make your donation , please click HERE. Should you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact Tiffany Halfon.

Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784