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End of Year Appeal 

12/22/2022 09:15:47 AM


Rabbi Scott Hausman -Weiss

CSK is an idea that YOU bring to life.  Because we don’t have a building, you are the infrastructure. YOU are the ones who carry the memories.  YOU are our walls that hold us up, and against which we sometimes lean, and under which we find comfort, and within which we discover ourselves.  

Some of you are “Regulars” – you give us life from day to day and week to week, you are supported and renewed with Shabbat, holidays, mediation, learning, and prayer.

Some of you are “Semis” – you roll in and out carrying heavy loads, and we pray, leaving feeling a whole lot lighter.

Some of you are “Catch as catch can..” – you’d be with us more often if time would allow – but when you are, you feel it wholly and completely.

And some of you are “Life-Cyclers” – allowing us to celebrate and mourn with you as the needs arise.

All of you are welcome – All of you ARE CSK!

Your presence is indeed among the greatest “presents” you offer.  This is what we call your “Talent” and your “Time.”  And now is a very significant part of the year when we seek your “Treasure” (Bread, Gelt, Shekels, Greenbacks). Whatever you call it, we ask you now to share some with your spiritual community.

Our Matching program is making it possible for your gifts to be worth twice as much!  So please help us continue to inspire the generosity of our community, no matter what you are able to contribute.

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Sun, September 24 2023 9 Tishrei 5784