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How Do I Connect with My CSK Peeps

06/29/2023 01:01:52 PM


Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss

Every Friday evening since CSK embarked on our journey, now 9 ½ years ago, we invite those present for Shabbat to share their simchahs, as I translate, their good newses. Out of a desire to continually seek to build community through knowing each other, through what we share, we offer these moments for singing “Happy Birthday!,” for offering a special Shehechyanu (blessing of arrival of a precious moment), for hearing about the health of loved ones, not to mention that of dogs, cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, and even welcoming someone back after they have been through a challenging ordeal.  It’s the stuff of what it means to know each other, serving as regular reminders that we are not alone.  

ONE of the ways we continue to keep us connected is to make it possible for you to reach out to connect to those who are a part of the CSK universe.  While we do not create and distribute a paper directory, we do make it possible for you to have electronic access to those in our database who are “CSK Voting Participants.”  These two go hand in hand – YOU CAN HAVE ELECTRONIC ACCESS TO OUR Voting Participants Directory via our website and our App, as long as you, yourself are a “Voting Participant.”

For information on how to become a “Voting Participant,” click here.  There is no cost (nor bloodletting) required.  Just an acknowledgment that you believe in the mission of CSK and wish to be recognized in that manner.  

For information on how to create your own login for the CSK website, as well as how to download the CSK App, click here.  

We want you to know that our words “Join us…you already belong…” are so very sincere.  And we need you to make them true as well.  

Happy Summer and please stay cool and hydrated.  Your loved ones are counting on you.

Rabbi Scott

Mon, February 26 2024 17 Adar I 5784