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Tour de Torah 2

01/25/2024 12:18:47 PM


Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss

There’s this terrific scene in the 1979 movie, The Frisco Kid, when Reb Avram (Gene Wilder) and Cowboy Bank Robber, Tommy Lillard (Harrison Ford) are taken captive by native Americans, and threaten to kill Reb Avram if he won’t give up the Torah he is charged by his 19th century Polish shtiebel (village), to bring to a small Jewish community in California.  Even at the threat of being burnt over a pyre, Reb Avram doesn’t let go of his faith.  Impressed by his devotion, the Indians allow him to live, return his Torah to him, and together they all smoke the peace pipe.  Now, the movie is as much a comedy as it is a Jewish cowboy narrative (yes, that is a genre!), but it comes to mind as I look forward to sharing with you, “Tour de Torah 2!”

Here's what I want you to know about Tour de Torah 2! 

Join Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss (and Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen when available) for a deep dive into the Torah portion of the week.  Based on the Jewish calendar, the Torah is read and studied by “parsha” (portion) “in order of appearance.” 

Through the eyes of the classical, rabbinic commentators, we will study their interpretations, and get to know and understand the tools of interpretation, utilized by Jewish commentators for centuries.

Through multiple modes of learning (lecture, diads, journaling), we will ask and answer:

1.   What is the Torah telling me/us this week?

2.   How did our ancestors understand these words and are there implications for my life and today’s world?

3.   How might I live my own life like I’m writing sacred text?

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Mon, February 26 2024 17 Adar I 5784