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Today is Y0ur Lucky Day! 

03/14/2024 04:27:59 PM


This is Your Lucky Day!

CSK is launching something very exciting! With a big shout-out to Jon Sheiman, our volunteer CSK Digital Gig-Worker, CSK will soon and regularly invite you to celebrate with us your BIRTHDAYS and ANNIVERSARIES, as well as to mourn and remember your loved ones, lost to the world when their YARTZEITS arrive.

Now, CSK has always offered a general and open invitation to join you in your celebrations, and support and embrace you in your losses, but now we are going to make it a bit more formalized!

Starting very soon, if you have a birthday or anniversary, or a yartzeit (memorial date of death) of a loved one, approaching in the coming month, you will receive an email invitation to celebrate these wonderful tours around the sun, or to remember blessed loved ones with our CSK community on the Shabbat of your choosing.

But there is a small catch! 

For us to know about these important upcoming moments, we need you to share them with us.  Some of you already have officially logged in to and filled in yours and your family members’ important life cycle dates (along with contact info)…and that is wonderful.  But some of you are still just wandering, CSK-digital souls, whose important info hasn’t found a home!

IF you wish to regularly receive a kind reminder invitation for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and yartzeits, please do the following:

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. If you have never logged in, click “Forgot Password,” and submit the email address at which you receive our e-letters.  The site will then send you an email for you to set up your password. Follow the prompts in the email.  (If you do not receive an email, it is probably because you are not using the email at which you receive our emails.  If you’re still having troubles with this step, please reach out to Tiffany.)
  3. Now you can login to  You will know you are logged in when you see in the upper right-hand corner, “Welcome [your name].” 
  4. Click on that “Welcome [your name],” and then click on “My Account” and this screen will appear:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Please complete as much information as possible, and please note that by clicking on “View My Directory,” you can choose to share in the Directory only the information you wish.

Thank you for your time and attention to help us help you!

Rabbi Scott, Tiffany and Jon Sheiman


Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784