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“Weiss Brothers Unite! Form of a Rabbi! Form of a Life Coach!”

01/30/2015 12:52:40 PM


Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss

So, my brother Ryan Weiss, a Life Coach in Los Angeles, writes a daily blog post entitled, “Waking up with Ryan.”

Recently, he asked me to be his first “guest writer.” I obliged and was thrilled to do so.  Below is Ryan’s introduction to me followed  by my blog post for him, which I am now sharing with you.

Shabbat Shalom and may this Tu B’svhat and Shabbat inspire us to be all that Shabbat calls us to become – the best of who we are.
Rabbi Scott

From Ryan:

WOW! We are in a mercury retrograde again BIG TIME. All my tech stuff is dragging – my local internet network was down last night and this morning. I wanted to fight it (and had to calm my bitch side when on the phone with my provider), but finally I relaxed and realized, “What if I just go to a coffee shop and connect to another network?!? So…I hope you read this one, it’s very special to me. Our first guest writer, my very own brother, Rabbi Scott.

My brother and I didn’t really get off on the right foot this lifetime. When I was 3 Scott was 18 and I detested his presence in our home. “Go back to college or I’ll call the cops”

I’d shriek the minute he’d walk in the door.

Now, on the contrary, I can see oh so clearly that we chose each other as brothers this time around. It is a real joy in my life to wax spiritual with my brother.

When he shared with me that according to Jewish tradition, when we sleep, our souls leave our bodies and dance in heaven, I knew you all needed to hear this from him. Let’s welcome him into our morning email relationship.

Here’s our very first guest on “Waking Up With Ryan”, my very own brother, Rabbi Scott Hauman-Weiss:

My brother, Ryan, asked me if I might be willing to write a “Wake up with Ryan” article.  And I have to tell you, it made me chuckle.  Because I am 15 years older than my little brother and yet, I don’t have to think too hard to remember waking up with Ryan.  Back when I was 21 and he was 6, when I had returned to live at home for a short time after college, we shared a room so I woke up with Ryan every morning.  And let me just say, back then, he wasn’t nearly as charming to wake up with as he is today!

That said, in his inimitable fashion, Ryan asked his very “sophisticated,” “deep thinking,” and “poignant” Rabbi older brother of his to share with you the ancient Rabbis’ story about our souls, what they do when we sleep and what they do when we awaken each morning.

So here goes:

Jewish tradition teaches that each and every morning, we should recite or sing or shout aloud the following words:
Modeh ani lefanecha
Melech Chai v’kayam 
shehechezarta bi nishmati
b’chemla raba emunatecha 

Thank You God before whom I am Eternal Sovereign of Life for returning my soul to me
with wisdom and faith that I will give this day meaning with my life.

And where have our souls been while we sleep that they must return to us once again, each and every morning?  The Rabbis taught that our souls were “dancing with the angels all night long.”

After that great and celestial nightlong rave in the sky, our souls return to us and to our bodies, to which we say, THANK YOU!!

Because what better way is there to start the day than with an expression of gratitude, an expression of joy, an expression of “Oh my God! It’s Today! How lucky, how blessed, how fortunate am I?”

And if you ever feel what some call ‘restless leg syndrome’ when you wake up in the morning perhaps your soul’s still dancing! Take the cue and dance into your day!


Shine bright. Love big. You’re never to dance with the angels.

Loving you from here,


Our Morning Practice
1. What are 5 things you can be grateful for this morning?

2. Ask your inner guidance system these questions from A Course In Miracles:

  • Where would You have me go?
  • What would You have me do?
  • What would You have me say?
  • And to whom?

The answers will show up as the day unfolds…if, and only if we ask the questions.

Love is already here. Seek to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.
Starting each and everyday with breath work and gratitude fills up my tank with energy I need to have a powerful day. Check out Ryan’s video series over on Popexpert.

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