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You had me  at  Shalom!

03/11/2019 10:43:54 PM


This is an article about money and Congregation Shma Koleinu. I am telling you this up front so you don’t feel sideswiped or bamboozled but please also DON’T STOP READING.  This is an article about money and Congregation Shma Koleinu because if the Sages of old could so easily recognize, im ein kemach ain Torah, (if there is no bread-$$-money, there is no Torah), then this has been an issue that has required some regular and historic “evangelism.”  This is an article about money and Congregation Shma Koleinu.  Which means it was written precisely for you.  Whether you are a regular contributor, a once a year contributor or an “I’m still looking for my Checking account #” contributor, this cud’s for you (for chewing on that is).  

I want you to understand that I recognize that for many, the synagogue and money conversation feels like the death knell of one’s spiritual life.  And I couldn’t agree more.  But please bear with me, and I’ll make this quick (well, quicker!).  So here goes:

I consider CSK a charity, one source for your tzedakah contributions.  The cause CSK is dedicated to? the Jewish soul - the individual Jewish soul and the soul of the Jewish people, writ large.  And here are two reasons why:

  • We’re really efficient.  Fueled by a vast amount of volunteer effort, your donation goes a seriously long way towards inspiring, soothing, uniting, and sometimes even cajoling our people.  Did you know that CSK had over 900 signups for High Holy Days this year?  That CSK just celebrated its 43rd B’nai Mitzvah since its founding?  That we serve all Jews, Jewish families and those who love them regardless of what they can or cannot afford?  That even our “Journey Guides” (religious school teachers) volunteer?  What more could you want from a Jewish communal experience? Read on…
  • We’re really good at delivering Jewish meaning.  Shabbat with us is an informal, low barrier opportunity to close out one’s work week with prayerful dignity (not to mention a “pre-oneg” of beer, wine and appetizers); our High Holy days are a readily accessible and soulful experience that serves to ground our life experience in spiritual depth and relevance; our youth education program gives kids and adults weekly inflection points at which they discover that Judaism is really worth their time and attention.

“With all these volunteers, why do we need your funds?”  Great question.  Because all of our infrastructural and certain personnel needs are not free.  We have a Rabbi (who also serves as CSK’s Educator, Executive Director, Program Director, Facilities Manager, Sound Tech and more), we have a part time Director of Communications, a very part time Production Assistant, part time Musicians, and part time custodians... not to mention that EVERY location we utilize, we pay for, including the Merfish, Interfaith Ministries, Emery/Weiner etc. 

Thus I am asking you (no, not the person behind you or next to you) but you!  If you are not yet a supporter of CSK, become one.  $50/month goes a long way to strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission.   Click here to sign up now to become a sustaining contributor to CSK at the $50/month level, less or more, whatever you can afford and wish to commit to make sure we are here tomorrow.


Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780