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Eventually Has Arrived 

03/24/2019 09:12:41 PM


“Eventually has arrived.”  These words a friend of mine recently shared with me in a catch-up phone call, describing a recent reunion with an old friend.  He explained, “I just had to take the time, the gift of time.”  For it is fleeting.   Youth is for those who believe in things they will eventually accomplish, when they have time, when things are in order, once we have finally grown up.  I hear lots of peers these days talk about the discovery of our age – that is, the number of years we have lived in these bodies – that we feel old, we are old.  Eyes, joints, spines and bone spurs all seem to rear their ugly heads in a seeming conspiracy to awaken us to our mortality.  But even more so, it’s our belief that eventuality hasn’t yet eventualized to which they seek to rouse us.  The trouble is that we just don’t know. We just can’t plan for what will necessarily be, and what we will therefore eventually be able to achieve.  Eventually has arrived.  Whatever you keep telling yourself you will someday do, if you lived long enough to no longer remember when you started telling yourself this story, eventually has arrived.  Whatever Mom or Dad, sister or brother, PE Coach or BFF told you that left a scar so deep that there is not enough Botox to thin it out, and whose memory remains as a constant excuse for not reaching beyond, for not foregoing those seemingly immobile obstacles to let it go, to get over it, to do a Mulligan, to stop waiting until you feel what you believe you need to feel in order to do it - eventually has arrived.  It is time to reframe, recharge, reimagine, review and get going– do not ask for whom eventually is meant, it is meant for you.  Eventually has arrived.

Fri, January 15 2021 2 Shevat 5781